About Us

The Authors

Leah Butler and Trudy Peters met while publishing a magazine. They quickly realized their shared philosophies and zest for life made them a strong team. Although life and career choices landed them in different geographic locations, their strong friendship spanned the distance and reunited them in the writing of the CHOICES series. When the two come together, the atmosphere is charged with creativity and camaraderie.

The Illustrator

Neal Armstrong’s illustrations are influenced by the great classical painters of the past.  Neal continues the tradition of highly rendered oil paintings, and his artwork has garnered him many international awards.  Neal’s passion is creating illustrations that invite the viewer into a world of fantasy and adventure.

Latest Books

Bea’s Choice

A heartwarming story about respect for the elderly and telling the truth.
Coming Soon

Andre’s Choice

A thought-provoking story about immigration and citizenship, as well as diversity and acceptance.

Owen’s Choice

 A Halloween adventure story about peer pressure, fitting in, and vandalism.