Meet Wink

In each of the stories, a sage Irish firefly named T. Winkle O’Toole, or Wink as he prefers to be called, introduces the main character and sets up each unique dilemma. Wink’s dialogue is easily identified by brown italic ink as he guides and encourages young readers throughout each of the stories, highlighting important thoughts to consider along the way.

Wink is adventuresome by nature, and it was an adventure gone awry back home in Ireland that trapped Wink in a wooden crate on a ship bound for America, and then transported him to a loading dock in the heart of Spencer’s Mill.

Wink finds the children in Spencer’s Mill to be highly entertaining and is captivated by their daily dilemmas and decisions. His favorite pastime is shadowing the children as they work through difficult situations and discover the importance of making wise choices. He is sometimes perplexed when the children in town don’t notice him, but he has the reader to keep him company on his adventures and to share in his ultimate joy when the children make good choices.



Owen’s Choice was a terrific book because we got to decide how to end it . . .
4th grader TN

Many of our students make tremendous decisions on a daily basis.  Living in poverty is always difficult, and these decisions essentially make an impact on the community, the family and the students future.   It is so refreshing to be able to choose books that allow the students to think though their choices and see the outcomes of their decisions.  Thank you…

Teacher, TN

… I love the book, Our school is going to have it at our school book fair… I can’t wait to see the rest of the books in the series.

5th Grader, NC
. . . I am 9 years old. I really enjoyed the voting part. I also like the book because it tells you that you should not smash pumpkins . . .
4th grader, AZ

Hi Wink,
Just warning you not to fly into a bug zapper.
Have a nice week.

Email to Wink

… I want, and will collect all of your books.  And when my baby sister is four, I think she will love it!…. Your story is the greatest I have ever heard.  I totally love it.

4th Grader, NC

… I was moved to tears, literally, as I read the stories to both of my boys for the very first time.  The way your books unfold is marvelous!

Mother of Two, TN

I’ve come across an excellent book, Owen’s Choice…. besides being a very well-written story about a child trying to fit into a new place, it is a book that will help teach children how to make good choices.

Community Relations Manager, Barnes & Noble, AZ

The world needs more of this, so please don’t stop.

Doctor, CO
We really like Wink. We think maybe he’s the conscience. We can’t wait for your next book to come out . . . your book teaches a good lesson.
4th grade class, TN

. . . Owen’s Choice is a really good book. . . I loved that it had three different choices . . . that is a good idea for the middle of a story. I want to read it again.

4th grader, AZ
Thank you for letting us vote on the choices . . . I like that you wrote a book that teaches a lesson. My favorite character was Wink because he was funny.
4th grader, TN