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CHOICES is an interactive series of twenty-six books for children ages 6-11.

The goal of this series is to teach children that every choice is important not only in their own lives, but in the lives of everyone affected by the choices they make.

Midway through each of the books, the main character (different in each story) is faced with a difficult choice, but it is the young reader and not the main character, who actually makes the decision.

Three choices are offered and the young reader is asked to choose the one he or she thinks is best.  Each choice then leads to one of three corresponding but uniquely different story conclusions.

Through the lives of the story characters the CHOICES books give young readers a renewed sense that courage, compassion, generosity, gratitude and truth are essential to a responsible and rewarding life, along with a heightened awareness that choices really do make a difference and the CHOICE BELONGS TO THEM.

Latest Books

Bea’s Choice

A heartwarming story about respect for the elderly and telling the truth.
Coming Soon

Andre’s Choice

A thought-provoking story about immigration and citizenship, as well as diversity and acceptance.

Owen’s Choice

 A Halloween adventure story about peer pressure, fitting in, and vandalism.